At IBS Service is Paramount!

Our central Distribution Center houses more than 18,000 items, which means that better than 97% of all orders are shipped complete within 36 hours of receipt. This high level of efficiency is proof of our commitment that orders will be written, entered, picked, packaged, shipped and billed accurately to ensure that our customers have the products they need, when they need them.

Personalized Service
We help our customers maximize their valuable maintenance dollar. We specialize in turning maintenance departments into profit centers. Our exclusive Profit Centered Maintenance Supply System combines maintenance quality products, education, custom storage systems and on-site inventory management to reduce down time due to out-of-stocks, lower inventory costs, and free our customers to focus on their operation. Simply said, we work for you!

Our Error Free Guarantee:
Studies show that the average purchasing manager spends up to 40% of their time solving supplier errors. We are dedicated to accuracy and expediency, and we'll stand by our pledge. If an error occurs, we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Quality Products
The entire 18,000-item IBS product line is built with maintenance in mind! Our product lines include: Hi-Alloy Abrasives and Cutting Tools, Maintenance Magic Aerosol Spray Tools, Vinculum Welding & Brazing Alloys, brass, hydraulic and steel fittings for pipe and hose, electrical and battery terminals, Metalink Epoxies and Polymers for metal maintenance, adhesives, sealants, anchoring systems, automotive parts, Pro-Coat High Solids Paints, pipe and concrete repair systems, fastening systems of all kinds, and safety supplies. All IBS products carry a performance guarantee.

Custom Assortments and Free Cabinets
Our products are also available in convenient assortments. Choose from more than 200 assortments or let us know what you need and we'll create a custom assortment for you. All of our assortments arrive labeled and include a steel storage bin or locking steel drawer at no additional charge.

Quick Credit Approval
Doing business with us is a easy as the name of your bank and the names of three vendors.

We also accept VISA, American Express and Master Card.

No Hassle Return Policy
We will accept your returns with a no hassle guarantee.



PHONE: (800) 678-1906