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Check out these new products and brand new specials & promotions available for a limited time only. Offers expire September 14th, 2019 so take advantage while they last.

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NEW Gear Lube

IBS has a new Gear Lubricant specifically for open gears. The new formula is a solid film, highly viscous lubricant for use on gears, chains, cables, wire ropes, sprockets, industrial machinery and heavy construction equipment. It lubricates, reducing friction and protects against rust and corrosion by repelling water from surfaces.
This new product and all our Spray Tools qualify for our Big Spray Tool Special - ask your sales rep how to qualify for some high value rewards!

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NEW Anti-Seize Gel Aluminum Formula

IBS is always looking for ways to save our customers time and money. Many of our customers are using Anti-Seize, but brush type and spray on anti-seize can sometimes be hard to apply or messy. To solve that problem we are introducing our Anti-Seize Gel!

Anti-Seize Gel is a better, faster and cleaner way to apply anti-seize to bolts, studs or anywhere it is needed. The gel goes on without drips, globs or messy drips and waste.
This new product and all our Spray Tools qualify for our Big Spray Tool Special - ask your sales rep how to qualify for some high value rewards!

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Big Spray Tool Special

IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE A YEAR! IBS has the best MRO spray tools for nearly every maintenance application, and NOW is the time to buy because each qualifying order includes a high value award!
For a limited time qualify for a high value award - see those awards here!

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NEW CC-Grind Strong Grinding Disc

IBS strives to offer the best abrasive products around that not only have superior performance, but that will also save our customers time and money. Introducing the CC-GRIND®-STRONG! This new wheels has a patented design featuring a unique multilayered disc design - three coated discs stacked on a 1/8" resin bonded abrasive backer which not only serves as a supporting backing but is also used during grinding.
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NEW Hydraulic Couplers

Hydraulic quick couplers offer a double shut-off solution for higher pressure general purpose applications. The sleeve and nipple body are hardened to resist damage from brinelling and mechanical shock.
See details on a Limited Time Offer - save 13% on an assortment of all sizes!

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Automotive Circuit Breakers

Just like the constant changes in fuses in vehicles, circuit breakers are changing too. We have add the Type III (Manual Reset) in the ATM and ATC style and offering a new assortment.
Save 27% on our new assortment - click here for more information on this as well as our Heavy Duty Truck Circuit Breaker Assortment!

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Gladhands and Seals

Air brake gladhands are coupling devices used to connect the service lines (blue) and emergency air lines (red) from the truck or tractor to the trailer. We are offering an assortment of Gladhands and replacement seals in one drawer for convenience, savings and safety!
For a limited time save 30% on a complete assortment of Gladhands and Seals - click here!

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Snap-On 2019 2nd Quarter Sales Blaster

IBS offers tools from Snap-On Industrial Brands.
Check out the current tools on special for the 2nd quarter of 2019.