IBS customers can expect:

1.High-quality products that perform as demonstrated.

2.New and innovative products and labor saving services.

3.All stock orders to ship within 36 hours of receipt.

4.Excellent fill rates.

5.Not to pay freight on backorders.

6.Material Safety Data Sheets to be included with every applicable order in an effort to assure customer safety and compliance.

7.A "no hassle" returns process.

8.The opportunity to qualify for free storage equipment.

9.A response to quotes for special order items within 5 business days of request which includes price, availability and estimated time of arrival.

10.That when there is a mistake, IBS will make it right.

11.A timely response to all inquiries.

12.Incoming phone calls to be handled by a live person.

13.Our office to be open M-F 7AM - 5PM Pacific, and that the CEO and President are available 24/7 via cell phone.

PHONE: (800) 678-1906